SIGGRAPH Drink & Draw

Last night I attended this animation-based Drink & Draw event that was organized by Cascade SIGGRAPH -- it could best be described as an animator's exquisite corpse. They got six of us drawing at a time, moving from chair to chair and drawing on notecards with simple lightboxes in ten-minute stints during which we were supposed to complete eight frames of animation. At the end of each heat, we had to finish our last frame and leave it at our seat for the next person to continue off of. At the end of the night they had a final group come up and draw tween frames to stitch together the six animations into a single almost-cohesive film. They even had a guy right there with a photostand digitizing each set of frames as it was finished -- they actually showed the finished film on a projection screen maybe half an hour after the last frame was drawn. The whole thing was a hilarious rush, and I met a bunch of cool people there too.

Here's the video -- if you want to know which parts I did, look for the giant shoe, the happy little dude whose eyes explode, the headlights coming over a horizon in the darkness, and the monkey being assembled by a swarm of flies (he was supposed to be getting eaten by the flies but I guess I put my frames backwards.)