New Blog Software & Roller Derby Illustration

I knew from the start that I'd eventually outgrow Blogger, I just never predicted how long it would take me. WordPress is very cool, and I'm hoping I can build up the energy to actually customize it beyond the default look included with the ComicPress theme. Also, I was asked at the last minute to throw together a graphic for the Heartless Heathers' new jerseys. I only had one day to do it, and I'm actually moderately proud of the result.

Unfortunately, communication was terrible and I managed to very closely replicate the design from their jerseys three years ago which I'd never seen. I still get paid, but they want to go with something more different for this year. I hope their resident designer Ringer manages to come up with something good by the end of tomorrow, because they're my favorite local team and I'd rather not see them skating around in just their logo. Anyway, they say they like my design overall and it might end up going on a hoodie or something to be sold as team merchandise.