Well I WAS going to bring this back daily but the next day I got a new hard drive and I installed it and turned my computer back on and it made a nasty grinding sound and then started smoking. I ignored it for a week, blew out the chipset fan with some canned air, and turned it back on. The noise was gone and it booted normally, so I went into the livingroom to get something and when I got back my room was full of smoke and the wire leading to the PC speaker was glowing red. I hit the power, went to unplug the wire and felt it crumble to dust in my hand. I powered back up and now the only problem is that it doesn't beep annoyingly when I first turn it on.

Since you probably weren't dumb enough to read all that bullshit, let's just skip to a few of the drawings I did while my computer was out. I colored two of them, since the mood struck me.