Someone should invent a glow-in-the-dark pencil.

I'm bringing this blog back in an unspectacular way. I bought a scanner last weekend and I've been doing enough drawing anyway I might as well share some of it.

I'd like to do some more comics but I don't have the time or inclination to do them in Flash anymore so what you'll probably see here is mostly sketchbook stuff like the following:

My housemate Tim talked me into going to the Doug Fir Lounge last night to check out a band called Loch Lamond, which was opening for Fernando Viciconte. It was a great show, albeit a change of pace for me in that it didn't drum up a lot of wild dancing. I took the opportunity to knock out sketches of Loch Lamond's Amanda Lawrence (viola, vocals) and Peter Broderick (drums, violin, mandolin, saw, theremin, vocals, etc) before they wrapped up.

Fernando was good too, but sort of a mismatch for the band. I drew him, and then we went home and watched Metalocalypse until 2.

I'd like to scan some of the drawings I've done during the lapse but my computer is all coked up on Windows Vista, which makes doing these scans a bit frustrating -- so don't hold your breath.