Rite of Harvest

A retro-inspired dodging and shooting game for Mac OS X and Windows, where players tunnel through the earth and fight huge Miyazaki-inspired monsters. Produced in about 48 hours for Global Game Jam, January 2016.

Contributed: backgrounds, animation, game design, art direction, and story. 
Additional art by Rex Waters
Programming by Dylan Bennett
Sound and music by Amos “ToyTree” Roddy
Additional game design by Corey Warning (and by all other team members)

The Case of the Mysterious Maulings

A dialogue-driven mystery game for desktop and mobile browsers, where an obvious murderer must convince characters to suspect each other instead. Produced in a few days during and following Ludum Dare 33, 2015.

Contributed: all art, ambient sounds, and some story and game design. 
Programming by Benjamin Hanken.
Characters and dialogue by Emily Madly.
Music and sound effects by Joel Merriman.