Zipper the Cat: My team's entry for Indie Speed Run 3.0

If you've only been following me through this site, you might not know that I've recently been teaming up with Benjamin Hanken to make our own video games under the banner of Team Tugboat. Ben writes the code, I do the art, and we put our heads together for the overall design and gameplay. It's a great partnership!

Our latest project came out of the Indie Speed Run even, where we were randomly assigned a theme (Arrogance) and an element (Zipper) and then challenged to make a game out of them in under 48 hours.

The 48-hour version of the game was missing a couple of key features, so put in a couple extra hours later on, and you can play the resulting "director's cut" in any desktop web browser (keyboard required) at

Here's what it looks like...

...and here are the controls:

Left/Right: Move
Up: Jump/Grab Curtain
Down: Drop from Furniture
Spacebar: Kick Objects

Escape: Pause
Mouse Click: Start/Restart Game