24-hour comic attempt #3

Well third try's a charm... sort of. I did complete 24 pages this time, after invoking the so-called "Eastman Variant" and taking more than 24 hours to finish. I think I actually had an advantage on my first attempt since I hadn't been working on anything polished for a long time beforehand so I wasn't in the habit of making everything look good. Nonetheless, it's a thrill to have finished a full-length story, this being the longest single comic I've ever produced and only the second that I've done on my own and actually seen through to print. I did a run of 30, gave 3 to my parents, and plan to lose another 7 to my coworkers today. The other 20 will be available for $2.00 per copy at tomorrow's Stumptown Comics Fest -- assuming you can find me walking around, since I procrastinated too long to get a table.