Rose City Rollers Comic

The comic book I worked on as a colorist and designer can now be purchased online! In addition to its intrinsic educational and entertainment value, buying the comic helps support the fantastic sport of Roller Derby, Portland's Rose City Rollers league in particular, and improves my chances of getting to come back to work on a second issue — possibly as an artist this time.

Now, the RCR merchandise website is brand new, and looks like it needs a tweak or two. To stop it from blocking you based on your HTTP referrer, you may need to manually copy the following address and paste it into your browser's address bar:

For those who want to know exactly what I contributed to the book: it's broken into four parts, and I was the colorist for the 5-page story entitled "High Rollers: High Stakes on Fly Skates". I designed the credits page and the one-page article at the end, and prepped the entire book for the printer in terms of getting each page in the same resolution and format, placing the ads, adjusting the bleeds, and correcting (and making) a few last-minute errors. I also came up with a pretty clever idea to let us print the book with an alternate cover without need for a second print run -- we had them print all of the signatures the same, then flip half of them over right before binding. If you order online, you'll get one of two front covers chosen at random, with the other cover included as the inside of the back cover. It'll make sense when you see it.