24-hour comics

This weekend I participated in an event with a bunch of other artists who came together at Cosmic Monkey Comics and each took up Scott McCloud's challenge to create a finished 24-page comic within a single 24-hour period. I stayed for the full 24 hours, from 10 AM Saturday until 10 AM Sunday, and I did finish a comic although it came out 10 pages too short to be an official 24-hour comic. It was a fascinating experience; working with such a short immediate deadline makes it impossible to procrastinate, and gives you a palpable reason not to get mired in perfectionism. I didn't have any good story ideas, but I didn't let that stop me.

The entire event was covered in real-time blog format by Leigh Walton" of Top Shelf Productions. To read his coverage, start at the bottom of this page and work your way back to the present using the "Next Entries" link near the top.

Alright, enough background -- here's the comic. I hope to color it sometime soon.

Higher-res CBR File for viewing in CDisplay