somebody please change the sign to say "chances sports bar and groundbreaking art salon"

you could put "dance club" in there somewhere too, if you want. here are the results of tonight's meeting of some of the greatest creative minds in Portland.

I will begin with the work of my esteemed colleage Morgan, who has brought a fresh perspective to the field of zoological illustration:

Tom also stopped by to make these thought-provoking contributions:

(I should mention for posterity that the above image contained a slightly different caption up until I beat that pool shark guy by sinking seven balls in two rounds and then me and Pat veritably trounced him and his buddy.)

And now here are my own humble submissions:

(this is the first drawing of the night; I left it as it was in order to demonstrate the rigorousness of the testing to which all of this art has been submitted in order to guarantee its quality.)

(me and Pat both won free beers for beating those guys at pool)