a chat log.

Pete: I stopped updating my journal, I haven't figured out why yet.
Clifton: I've been waiting for an update
Pete: I think it had to do with too many people from different parts of my life reading it, and also my mom strongly disapproving of certain entries.
Clifton: haha
Clifton: Which ones?
Pete: Well the one with me driving drunk springs to mind.
Clifton: I don't include my family in any part of my cyberlife
Clifton: ah yes
Clifton: My parents know of my offchild site only
Pete: Well I usually am completely open with my parents but in this case I think I made a mistake.
Clifton: yeah . . . that happens
Pete: But it wasn't just that either, because it had been getting crappier for a good long time. It wasn't nearly as useful after I stopped doing the Flash comics.
Pete: Bah, anyway, I am still thinking of starting it back up in some way. It was really awesome while it lasted.
And there things stand. I register for classes tomorrow and maybe when I feel a bit better about my lifestyle I will be more able to write about it.