First Thursday Link-O-Rama

The first Thursday of every month, the galleries of Portland's Pearl District open their doors to the public; as a result, most of the good art shows open on that day. Two of the guys I used to drink and draw with on a weekly basis were revealing their new Public Access show and accompanying comic book at the Sequential Art Gallery so I decided to show up. Their project is crazy and cool, and not totally my style but I bought the comic part of it anyway because it's well done and those guys are awesome. On my way out I started chatting with the gallery curator Kaebel, and ended up showing him my 24-hour comic attempt just to see his reaction. Another guy, who turned out to be one of the gallery's previous exhibitors, flagged my attention with a mention of pub trivia (one of my favorite pastimes) and when he passed me at the bus stop a few minutes later we struck up a conversation about Bill Watterson, creative ideals, lesser-known Greek myths, and the concept of absurdity. Check out his webcomic -- he reminds me of a cross between Randall Munroe and Brad Neely.

Aanywho... It's just another doodle but you can't accuse me of not posting any artwork.

P.S. I forgot to mention that the Sequential Art Gallery is located in an artist's loft space which was planned and developed years ago by my dad's old company. Kaebel lives upstairs from the actual gallery space, says it's a fantastic situation and, Dad, he specifically asked me to thank you!